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St Andrews Christian College St Andrews Christian College St Andrews Christian College St Andrews Christian College St Andrews Christian College


College Calendar 2015

The College Block Calendar for 2015 is now available for download Read more...

VCE Results 2014

Congratulations to our 2014 Year 12 students who have all successfully completed VCE and received their results this week. Read more...

Newsletter #12 2014

Download here or receive emailed newsletters in the Subscribe section Read more...

The Christmas Message up in Lights

St Andrews Christian College has flicked the switch on its 2014 Christmas Lights. Read more...

St Andrews News Term 4 Week 8

What's on this week at St Andrews Christian College.
Our students produce Weekly News videos for the school community. Click here to view their work. Read more...


Presentation Night 2014

Presentation Night 2014

Royal Melbourne Show

Royal Melbourne Show

Turning of the Sod

Turning of the Sod

Our Campus

St Andrews Christian College

130 Tyner Road
Wantirna South, VIC 3152, Australia
Enquiries: +61 3 9800 2922


Celebrating Over 30 Years

Take a glimpse and meet some of the students, parents and teachers in the St Andrews Christian College community and find out what makes this the school of choice for your child.


St Andrews Christian College