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Alumni Association

Our Alumni Association offers a wonderful opportunity for past students and staff to connect, collaborate and acknowledge God’s faithfulness in their individual journeys.

We have a proud 40 year history that has encompassed a rich variety of graduates, each with their own individual contribution to College life.

Joining the Alumni Association offers many opportunities, such as:

  • Mutual encouragement between students and staff
  • Creating a network of professional contacts, including opening doors for volunteer and mentorship work among students
  • Promoting the goals and vision of the College to bring glory to God
  • Keeping informed about College activities
  • Honour the memories and hard work of past staff and students

We invite all past students and staff to join this exciting initiative by becoming a alumni members through our official alumni website at or by completing and submitting the application below.

St. Andrews Christian College
St Andrews Alumni

We invite all past students and staff to join this exciting initiative by becoming an alumni members through our official alumni website. To become an Alumni member click the 'Membership' button below.

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This is solely for the records of St Andrews Christian College Alumni Association.

Your privacy will be respected, details kept secure and will not be shared with third parties.

Sharing. Caring. Growing.

In our focus on building our Alumni community and their connections to the College, we aim to celebrate and

remember God’s faithfulness in each student’s life journey from small beginnings to diverse roles and achievements.

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* Your school photos can be scanned and returned if you wish


St Andrews Alumni

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